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Pine Swamp

Pine Swamp is a landlocked site of approximately 23 acres of swamp. Due to the landlocked nature of this property, public access is not allowed. The property is subject to flooding and is part of a high-yield, potentially productive aquifer hydrological system. It is also important to emphasize that because this property is primarily swamp the conditions may be unsafe for visitors.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep this natural property pristine and untouched for future generations.

ADA Accessibility Determination

Public access is not allowed.


Border Woods Preserve


Border Woods is approximately 36.7 acres and abuts a housing subdivision called Greystone Farms. Located on the east side of Eastford Road (CT Route 198), just north of the intersection with Old Turnpike Road (CT 197) in Woodstock, Border Woods is a 36.7-acre property opened to the public for walking and hiking; a perfect environment for the bird watchers.

The property is mostly wooded, with a mix of  hardwood trees, predominantly oak and hemlock, and an understory of yellow birch and mountain laurel. The site is hilly, with unconsolidated soils and exposed bedrock. Wetlands account for approximately 7.0 acres of the property. Significant amounts of erosion and damage to the wetlands and soils are apparent, primarily due to unauthorized vehicle use.

The site is very hilly, with very stony, unconsolidated soils and exposed bedrock with a 3-45 percent slope. It is forested with a mix of mature deciduous and coniferous tree species dominated by oak and hemlock, with yellow birch and mountain laurel dominating the understory. A south-running perennial stream bisects the eastern portion of the property. There are no developed trails by The New Roxbury Land Trust (the Trust) on this site.

Motorized all-terrain vehicle use on the Border Woods property would erode the topsoil on the wood road, especially along the steep slopes abutting the stream. All-terrain vehicles have left deep ruts in the streambed and wetland soils. There is also concern that invasive species may establish themselves because of this damage to the wood road, stream and associated wetlands. The slope leading down to the stream is of approximately 15% grade.

In addition to our management plan of a naturalized area, under the Department of Justice Assessment Factors, we do not permit motor vehicles including ATVs, trucks, snowmobiles, or any wheeled or motorized vehicles OPDMD.

Passive recreation is required to maintain the health and functionality of this property.  We thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep this natural property pristine and untouched for future generations.

ADA Accessibility Determination

Other Power Driven Devices (OPDMD) are not allowed on Border Woods due to the property’s environmental condition and safety concerns.


Pole Bridge Road

This 17-acre parcel of cedar swamp in Woodstock is a unique ecological system that is integral to the hydrology and natural integrity of the area. The property is home to great white northern cedars and surrounding the swamp region there are a rich sphagnum moss populations.

The property can only be accessed through a six-foot wide right-of-way that extends several hundred feet from Pole Bridge Road. This right-of-way traverses thick forests and steep, rocky slopes. The New Roxbury Land Trust does not allow the use of other power-driven mobility devices along this right-of-way. Such use is likely to place both the safety of the device operator and the integrity of natural environment at risk.

The property is primarily swamp, and those areas that are not swamp are densely forested. Use of other power-driven mobility devices on the property is unsafe because the swampy ground has high levels of woody debris decomposition and is unstable, and it is difficult to maneuver through the dense forest. Any attempt at operating such a device on the property creates a substantial risk of serious harm to the rich sphagnum moss populations on the ground as well as to the great white northern cedars that are found throughout. There are no trails on the property.

ADA Accessibility Determination

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices are not allowed on the Pole Bridge Road property.

Rutanen Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary

This 50-acre parcel of mixed deciduous and coniferous forest include features such as wetlands, perennial brooks, and mixed age-class forested stands.

Public access is not allowed on the Rutanen property, at the request of the donor, who granted the property for conservation as forever-wild. Thus, access by all members of the general public is prohibited on the property.

ADA Accessibility Determination

Public access is not allowed.

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